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Good Lord....

I haven't written on here for ages...

I guess I shall write something then. Let me find it...

AnonCollapse )

And I have started to write a novel... shock shock horror horror


So I was thinking recently... I don't do it alot, so it was a marked occasion.

My thoughts floated to the wonder that is youtube...

Now I'm sure you have all heard of it, so I'm not going to bother explaining it.
This site has a page called 'Videos' where you can find the 'most discussed', 'most viewed' and such like.

The most viewed video of all time is 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis, with 38,211,016 views.
The most discussed of all time is 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis, with 53,814 comments.
The top favourited of all time is 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis, with 138,013 favourites.

Admittedly the other lists have others at the top, but most of the charts for all time contain music videos, porn videos, TV shows and other stuff that isn't exactly exclusive to youtube.

Now I thought that youtube was a place to, as the slogan says, 'Broadcast Yourself'. It was a place where normal people armed with as little as a webcam and Windows Movie Maker (i.e. the WORST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD) could talk about anything that meant something to them. But now I find that only if I go to 'Today's Most Viewed' I can find at number 13 'lol sin blows nerimon', from nerimon. Now I think we all know why that got there, basically with a good pun full of innuendos (yes Jaz, even my naive mind got that one) and a very clever screen shot.

At number 15 we find good old Charlieissocoollike in his series Fiveawesomeguys, which is awesome, as he says something worth listening to (No slight on Nerimon though - who, as anyone has seen Something Something Something will know, is a comic genius).

So, what am I trying to say... I don't know to be honest. I guess, it seems that these days no one can be appreciated for what they want to say. You can only use tricks, someone else's material or anything to do with sex to be heard. 

Or as Hayley from Fiveawesomegirls (aka not Fiveawesomeguys, the other one) said on her own channel "The only way to get enough attention to be seen as an individual on this website is to jump on the bandwagon."

This won't mean anything to anyone...but at least I have it written down!

Food = the greatest mental struggle ever!

I feel fat.
This is not an anorexic plea, but a statement of fact.
You will see why...
Because I am going to list everything I have eaten since Sunday...

How much exercise? Well I've been up and down some stairs...

These things are addictive...sorry...

A- age of first kiss:  I'm sixteen, I've never been kissed, and I don't care! As I am THE BIGGEST prude ever...mind you here's a really cute video about first kisses - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aVyiJ9brMMY

B - Band listening to right now: My Chemical Romance

C - Crush: Like that's a secret...

D - Dad's name: Vati! 

E - Easiest person to talk to: Erm....in the world is... Tom, no one knows who he is, but he's great. Pour every little thought out to him every Summer!

F - Favorite bands at the moment: Linkin Park, Tokio Hotel and The Wombats

G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Bears...the idea of eating worms in any form makes me feel sick

H - Hometown: Sheffield. Which I love living in, but I can't wait to live in London!

I - Instruments: Piano, Flute, Saxamaphone, and recently...guitar

J- Junior High:  Blyth Primary School...I loved and hated that place

K - Kids: I'd rather adopt

L - Longest car trip: From here to Cologne last December, with five of us in the car.

M - Mum's name: Mutti!...or Sarah...or Mrs Groombridge

O - One wish: Every child could eat, learn and be safe from abuse of any kind

P - Phobias: Achluophobia

Q - Quote: "Hope is a waking dream." - Aristotle

R - Reasons to smile: I am a free person

S - Song you sang last: Oh Happy Days

T - Time you woke up: 7:00

U - Unknown fact about me: I have a chequebook

V - Vegetable you hate: yet to be invented...

W - Worst habit(s): Exaggerating

X - X-rays you've had: One - when I had my brace fitted. I've had a head scan as well.

Y - Yummy food: The Gnocchi we ate in an Italian National Park - best meal ever

Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius...means I'm a bit of a dreamer apparently

I nicked this off Ellie!

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Go to the Grand Canyon
2.) Go to a movie premiere
3.) Prove to myself that I do have self discpline

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Hannah
2.) Grumio
3.) Coco powder

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.) Grumio101
2.) To me you'll be forever sacred
3.) The Future Mrs Grint (I had that one for soooooo long)

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) My eyes
2.) My wrists
3.) My ears

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) The whole world could be destroyed in 15 minutes if all nuclear bombs were detonated
2.) The thought of applying for an actual full-time job
3.) Being in debt

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) Pen
2.) iPod
3.) Glasses

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) School jumper
2.) Odd socks
3.) Pearl earrings

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) Tokio Hotel (I'm obsessed... sorry...)
2.) The Clash
3.) Linkin Park

Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1.) The Ghost of You - MCR
2.) Sacred - Tokio Hotel
3.) Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows

Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.) I can see a purple butterfly purse
2.) My mouse mat has converses on it
3.) I'm having fishcakes for tea

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1.) Nice eyes
2.) Longish hair
3.) Big smile

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1.) Writing
2.) Playing the piano
3.) Climbing

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.) Go to Wales
2.) Eat Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream
3.) Hug my Mutti

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Journalist
2.) RAF Pilot
3.) Olympic Swimmer

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.) Canada
2.) Russia (again)
3.) Maldives

Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.) Pippa
2.) Jack
3.) Ruth

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.) I love nail varnish
2.) I am addicted to chocolate
3.) I hate stick insects

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.) Love American Football
2.) Think all creams...pamper stuff...is a waste of time
3.) I love getting muddy!!

Once again...you are blessed
For today I am posting a little ditty.

I am fast running out of little ditties, because I haven't written for ages.

This Wednesday I SHALL go to Young's Writers, because it is awesome and I have had withdrawal symptoms from not going...I miss winding Callum up....ah the joy...


Yes, it was written in a weak moment.

In other news...

OOOhhhh....so you're back are you? Finally decided to post something on your journal...after all these months?

Well..why should anyone read it? After all, you haven't been on here since...oooh 1875! (Important history GCSE reference there Jas!)

So here it is...a piece of writing I did for a competition that it didn't win...ah well. Happy New Year!

 This was the picture I wrote about....hehe

Welcome to the Black Parade

When I was a young girl,
My father took me into the school
To see the headmistress.
She said,
"Girl, when you grow up, will you be a credit to the Girl's High School,
The teachers and the girls?"
She said
"Will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non believers, the plans that they have made?"
Because one day I leave you,
I'm too old for this high-paid, sressful job,
To join the school governers."

When I was a young girl,
My father took me into the school
To see the headmistress.
She said,
"Girl, when you grow up, will you be a credit to the Girl's High School,
The teachers and the girls?"

Sometimes I get the feeling she's watching over me.
And other times I feel like I should go. Through it all, the rise and fall, the tables in the hall.
When you're gone we want you all to know They'll Carry on,
They'll Carry on
Though you're at Uni believe me Your grades will carry on
Carry on
They'll carry on
And in my heart I cant contain it
The C.V. wont explain it.

And we will send you reeling from exam halls
Your confusion and stress will kill us all
So write it black and take it in
Lets revise loud and clear
Do you fight it to the end?
You hear the call

To carry on
They'll carry on
Though you're at Uni believe me Your grades will carry on
They'll carry on
And though you're broken and defeated You're weary teacher marches on

And on we carry through the years
Ooh oh ohhhh
Disappointed faces of your peers 
Ooh oh ohhhh
Take a look at me cause
I could not care at all A or E
You'll never make me
Cause the world, will never take my mind
You can try, you'll never break me
Want it all,
I'm gonna reach my dreams
Wont explain or say i'm sorry
I'm not ashamed,
I'm gonna show my grades
You're the end, for all the failers Listen here, because it's only..
I'm just a girl,
I'm not a hero
Just a girl, who's meant to learn this stuff
Just a girl,
I'm not a hero
I -- don't -- care
Carry on
They'll carry on
Though you're at Uni believe me Your grades will carry on
They'll carry on
And though you're broken and defeated You're weary teacher marches on
They'll carry on
They'll carry on
They'll carry on
They'll carry
They'll carry on

(This is what I do when I don't want to learn my Russian writing!!)

Because I was pissed off...

We don't want to be trouble,
We really don't.
But we have nowhere to go.
Moving around like gypsies,
Unwanted children, teens.
Find somewhere safe to go.
But the neighbours complain.
You see,
They'd rather we got drunk,
Smoked grass at home,
Than cause them noise.
Once a month.
For three hours.
And you complain about
The youth of today.


OK, normally I would write something slightly creative here, but I thought I'd just say something.

People who moan. You annoy me.
People who walk around saying "Life sucks, I want to die." Are you kidding me?! You have no right to say that! Think of all the people in Africa, who starve everyday, they still carry on. They try their best to make the optimum out of what they have got, and you sit there surrounded by things they can only have in their wildest dreams, and say that life is shit. How dare you?!

People who say that school is crap, and is only their to make our lives hell. Get real. Back to those kids in Africa, who would give anything to go to school! You take it for granted, school is your right. Lots of people don't have that right, and they deserve it more than you do. In the words of Benjamin Zephaniah "Education is important, because it liberates you." He knows, he didn't even get taught how to read and write, and now he is a poet.

Think of all the children all over the world, who have lost most of their families in a natural disaster, or from aids. We think that we know grief when our pet fish dies, that is nothing compared to what they go through, they don't have a Mum to turn to, or a sister or brother, because they are probably dead.

People who say you have no friends, if you looked past yourself you would see that really you do, and if you don't, it's only because you pushed them away by saying you didn't have any. Who wants to be friends with someone that doesn't appreciate you.

Finally, those people who moan about how ugly they are. Stop saying it, you only do it so people say "No, you are pretty." I know you do, because I'm guilty of it. Also, is that all you have to worry about?! How you look?! Because if it is, I think you need to put your life into perspective. Lets face is, how you look is nothing compared to worrying where your next meal is coming from, or if you are going to get any at all.

I'm sick about this self-pitying, suicidal, emo trend that is taking over kids who have no right to be complaining about their lives.

Think about it.